IDC Music Samplers

Monthly music samplers from IDC -- Independent Distribution Collective, in association with fridayarts, llc.

Independent Distribution Collective is what the name implies—a music distribution association for independent musicians and labels. They produce these samplers of the artists they distribute on a near-monthly basis to buyers for both retail and online stores worldwide. The earlier samplers were quarterly, but as IDC's business has grown and their service has expanded, so has their need to put these out more often. Which is fine by me, because they're a lot of fun to create. I turn them around quickly, usually in 1-2 days, so it's almost like a design challenge every month. 
Most were produced in standard jewel case formats, with clear tray inserts so that artwork is visible underneath the CD itself. They were printed in small batches at quick-printers; sometimes digital, sometimes traditional. The CDs were also printed with a mix of thermal, silk-screen, dye-sub, and inkjet. It's all about cheap and quick...  

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