Chris called me one day and said "I'm working on this DJ thing with Bob Mould, do you think..." I said "YES!" before he could even finish his sentence. The basic premise was for them to do a DJ night, but very different from Bob's Blow Off traveling club. For this they would play stuff around an early-90s shoegazer vibe. 
It was Chris's concept to do the front-face of a distortion pedal, chained in with other pedals. I suggested that they might all be different types of distortion pedals all chained together, like one huge distortion wall. distortion to the fourth power. distortiongeddon. ok, enough of that... 
The posters were purposely produced out of display order so that you would have to have all four of them to complete the picture. Poster 3 was first, then 1, and then 4, and finally Poster 2. 
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